March 2022-Present

the logo of Kajabi, Joe's current employer

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform where knowledge entrepreneus can create, market, and sell their digital products to others. To date, we've helped our 60,000 customers generate over $4 billion of revenue.

As a member of the Creator Tools team, my work is focused on expanding the product offerings that we provide for our users. These include online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, communities, and more!

My accomplishments at Kajabi have included:

  • Implementing a native calendar service that led to a 30% increase in the adoption rate for our coaching product.
  • Integrating an external community product into a Rails monolith following our acquisition of Vibely
  • Spearheading my team's implementation of a language simplification initiative that improved our platform's SUS (site usability score) score by 13%
  • Facilitating a book club on object oriented design for seven associate-level engineers

the logo of RocketsOfAwesome, one of Joe's former employers

Rockets of Awesome

August 2021-March 2022

In my time at Rockets of Awesome, I maintained and developed the ecommerce platform for a rapidly growing kid's apparel brand.

My typical tasks have included:

  • Refactoring a mature Rails(🥰) backend to suit ever-changing business logic
  • Migrating much of our front end to a new NextJS app
  • Managing a number of analytics, logistical, and operational microservices using a pub-sub approach
  • Monitoring and optimizing site performance during high traffic holiday shopping events

Brand New Box

August 2019-August 2021

the logo of BrandNewBox, Joe's former employer

As a developer for this small software consultancy, I helped create and maintain over a dozen web applications serving a diverse array of clients. From state education departments, to European record labels, to inter-planetary space exploration companies, I delivered quality software to companies of all shapes and sizes.

During my time at BNB, I acquired skills in all levels of our tech stack. The average day for me included anything from:

  • Implementing a front end redesign
  • Writing tests to ensure a smooth upgrade of an old project
  • Transitioning an app to a new deployment infrastructure (😍Terraform😍)
  • Developing new and exciting tools for our clients!

Feel free to check out some of their projects!

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